LAMMP/BME Seminar Series

Thursday 18th of January 2018
12:00 PM
Beckman Laser Institute Library

Throwing light on problems in cellular mechanotransduction

Daryl Preece, PhD
Post Doc Berns Lab UC San Diego

While cell biology typically looks at the chemical or genetic factors which are important to diseases, significant information can also be gained from mechanobiology, in which the mechanical properties of cells are explored. In recent years a number of optical techniques have been utilised to generate fluid shear forces on single cells. These include optically trapped microrotators, thermally induced flows and laser induced shockwaves. These techniques can exert a wide range of forces from pico-Newtons up to micro-Newtons, with in some cases nanometer accuracy. However, to understand these forces we must understand how light interacts with matter at a fundamental level. In this talk we will focus on novel approaches to creating optomechanical transduction and its applications in cell biology. Such approaches may provide new ways to study neurobiology and can be used to create novel architectures for in vitro studies of cellular response and cell functionality